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The Center for Industrial and Medical Ultrasound (CIMU) is a world-class leader in ultrasound research and development. Our multidisciplinary staff of physicists, mathematicians, engineers, technicians, and students works with a wide variety of researchers and medical professionals around the world.

These relationships are enhanced by many industry partnerships and support CIMU's mission of research collaboration, development and commercialization of technology, and training and education of students and professionals.

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  • Foster research collaborations between UW faculty and their industrial partners on industrial and medical ultrasound projects
  • Develop industrial and medical ultrasound technology, including instruments, techniques, ideas and products that have value to our society
  • Form partnerships with industry that enable this technology to be transferred to the commercial sector
  • Educate and train students and technical professionals working in the fields of industrial and medical ultrasound
  • In vitro and in vivo applications of ultrasound
  • High intensity focused ultrasound
  • Soft materials development
  • Transducer and amplifier development
  • Acoustic hemostasis
  • Kidney stone detection and treatment
  • Nonlinear acoustics modeling
  • Sonoluminescence
  • Microbubble characterization
  • Cavitation generation/characterization
  • Ultrasound tools development

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