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Brian MacConaghy

Physicist IV






2000-present and while at APL-UW

Assessing the mechanism of kidney stone comminution by a lithotripter shock pulse

Sapozhnikov, O.A., M.R. Bailey, A.D. Maxwell, B. MacConaghy, R.O. Cleveland, and L.A. Crum, "Assessing the mechanism of kidney stone comminution by a lithotripter shock pulse," Proceedings, American Institute of Physics Conference, number 754, 164-166, doi:10.1063/1.1901627, (2005).

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28 Mar 2005

Comminution of axisymmetric stones by a lithotripter shock wave was studied experimentally and theoretically. In experiments, shock waves were generated by a research electrohydraulic lithotripter modeled after the Dornier HM-3, and stones were made from U-30 cement. Cylindrical stones of various length to diameter ratios, stones of conical shape, and stones with artificial cracks were studied. In other cases, baffles to block specific waves that contribute to spallation or squeezing were used, and glycerol was used to suppress cavitation. The theory was based on the elasticity equations for an isotropic medium. The equations were written in finite differences and integrated numerically. Maximum compression, tensile and shear stresses were predicted depending on the stone shape and side-surface condition in order to investigate the importance of the stone geometry. It is shown that the theoretical model used explains the observed position of a crack in a stone. The theory also predicts the efficiency of stone fragmentation depending on its shape and size, as well as on the presence of cracks on the stone surface and baffles near the stone.


Ultrasound Driver for Well Plates

Record of Invention Number: 47736

Tom Matula, Karol Bomsztyk, Brian MacConaghy


2 Jun 2016

Novel Probe and Workflow for Ultrasonic Propulsion

Record of Invention Number: 47322

Mike Bailey, Bryan Cunitz, Brian Dickinson, Barbrina Dunmire, Brian MacConaghy, Adam Maxwell


1 May 2015

Ultrasound Instrumentation for Ureteroscopic and Transcutaneous Kidney Stone Removal

Record of Invention Number: 46839

Thomas Lendvay, Mike Bailey, Ryan Hsi, Brian MacConaghy, Adam Maxwell


4 Feb 2014

More Inventions

Endocardial High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Arrhythmia Ablation Catheter

Record of Invention Number: 46683

Tom Matula, Brian MacConaghy, Adam Maxwell


2 Oct 2013

Ultrasound Focusing Microplate

Record of Invention Number: 46578

Tom Matula, Brian MacConaghy


13 Jul 2013

Method for Testing Output Force of an Ultrasonic Propulsion Device

Record of Invention Number: 46441

Bryan Cunitz, Mike Bailey, Brian MacConaghy


12 Mar 2013

Disposable Ultrasound Guided Catheter

Record of Invention Number: 46135

Revathi Murthy, Samuel Browd, Brian MacConaghy, Pierre Mourad


22 Jun 2012


The invention disclosure describes the placement of an acoustic element in the mechanical tip of a catheter that is to be used by neurosurgeons to break up and remove blood clots in cases of hemorrhagic stroke.

Record of Invention Number: 46057

Brian MacConaghy


24 Apr 2012

Surgical Guide for AIDS Prevention

Record of Invention Number: 46050

Brian MacConaghy, Mike Bailey


18 Apr 2012

Using Vibrating Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF) as a Support for Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Record of Invention Number: 45917

Jaffer Alali, Brian MacConaghy, Pierre Mourad


15 Jan 2012

Reducing the Cost of Water Desalination

Record of Invention Number: 45905

Jaffer Alali, Brian MacConaghy, Pierre Mourad


15 Oct 2011

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