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High-Frequency Sound Interaction in Ocean Sediments

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IOA Meeting in Southampton

Several papers describing SAX99 results were presented at the Acoustical Oceanography Conference sponsored by the Institute of Acoustics, Underwater Acoustics Group at the University of Southampton (UK). The conference was held during 9-12 April 2001.

The schedule for the SAX99 papers presented at the meeting is reproduced below, and the papers can be downloaded as PDF files. The IOA papers were formatted for printing on A4 paper and all are final versions.

Thursday, 12 April 2001

09.00 Session 16. Sea floor acoustics III: "The SAX99 Experiment" (Session chair" G.J. Heald)

Invited paper:
Thorsos, E.I., Williams, K.L., Jackson, D.R., Richardson, M.D., Briggs, K.B., Tang, D.
Chotrios, N.P., Smith, D.E., Piper, J.N., McCurley, B.K., Lent, K., Crow, N., Banks, R., Ma, H.
Jackson, D.R., Richardson, M.D.
Williams, K., Richardson, M.., Briggs, K., Jackson, D.R.
Briggs, K., Lyons, A.P., Williams, K.L., Richardson, M.D., Jackson, D.R.
Richardson, M.D., Briggs, K.B., Williams, K.L., Jackson, D.R.

These papers can also be found in Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics, vol. 23, part 2, T.G. Leighton, G.J. Heald, G. Griffiths, and H.D. Griffiths, editors, 2001, pp. 343-390.

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