Office of Naval Research
Departmental Research Initiative (DRI)

High-Frequency Sound Interaction in Ocean Sediments

Program Summary
2 July 1999


Program Overview: High-Frequency Sound Interaction in Ocean Sediments

Principal Investigator Program Summaries

Sediment Seafloor Environmental Measurements: High Frequency Sound Interaction in Ocean Sediments SAX99, ONR-DRI
Richard H. Bennett, Matthew H. Hulbert, and Kenneth J. Curry

Sediment Characterization for Gas Content and Low-Frequency Geoacoustic Properties
L. Dale Bibee

3-D Volume Inhomogeneity Measurements
Kevin Briggs, Peter Jackson, and Tony Lyons

Geoacoustic Parameters Determined from Measurements of Ambient Ocean Noise and Interface Waves
Michael Buckingham and Thomas Berger

High-Frequency Acoustics of Ocean Sediments and Biot's Theory,
Nicholas P. Chotiros

Synthetic Aperture Sonar Measurements
K. W. Commander and J. T. Christoff

Directional Wave Measurements
Peter H. Dahl

Environmental Characterization of Proposed Experiment Site Off Panama City Beach, Florida
Peter Fleisher and William B. Sawyer

High-Resolution Bathymetry and Backscatter of a High-Frequency Acoustics Test Area
Roger D. Flood and Larry Mayer

Effects of Bentho-Pelagic Animals on Seabed Properties
D. V. Holliday, C. F. Greenlaw, and D. E. McGehee

Simulations for Experiment Design and Data Analysis
Darrell Jackson and DJ Tang

Simultaneous Real Time Micro-bathymetric Data from a Laser Line Scanning System and Acoustic Backscatter
Jules S. Jaffe and Karl Moore

Measurement of In-Situ Sediment Properties at the ONR/DRI Site
H. Paul Johnson

Microbial Distributions at Grain Contacts in Subtidal, Sandy Sediments
Peter A. Jumars and Jill L. Schmidt

Macrofaunal Distributions and Effects on Backscatter in Subtidal Sands
Peter A. Jumars and Robert F. L. Self

Quantification of Pore and Grain Parameters in Sandy Sediments
Dawn Lavoie and Allen Reed

Buried Target Sonar System
Joseph Lopes

Dissolved Gas Concentrations in Sandy Surficial Sediments of the West Florida Sand Sheet
Christopher S. Martens and Daniel B. Albert

Quantifying Sediment Volume Inhomogeneity
Tim Orsi

High-Frequency Sound Interaction in Ocean Sediments: Modeling Environmental Controls
Michael Richardson, Kevin Briggs, Dawn Lavoie, Dale Bibee, Peter Fleischer, Bill Sawyer, Dan Lott, and Allen Reed

Dynamic Measurement of Sediment Grain Compressibility at Atmospheric Pressure: Acoustic Applications
Michael Richardson, Kevin Briggs, Kevin Williams, and Eric Thorsos

Wideband Chirp Reflection Profiling
Steven Schock

Laboratory and Field Experiments for a Baseline Model High Frequency Sediment Acoustics
Robert D. Stoll

Volume Inhomogeneity Measurements
DJ Tang

High-Frequency Sound Interaction in Ocean Sediments
Eric Thorsos, Kevin Williams, Darrell Jackson, and DJ Tang

Sediment Volume Inhomogeneities: Patterns, Mechanisms and Rates of Change
Rob Wheatcroft

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