DRI Update: 15 April 1999

1. The DRI experimental planning meeting is now set for 2-4 June at NRL-SSC. No conflicts have arisen for those dates. Mike Richardson's e-mail of 24 February contained initial details. In particular, it was mentioned that we will attempt to wrap up discussions by early afternoon on 4 June (Friday) to facilitate homeward travel on Friday.

2. Inputs for a DRI program description have been coming in and we are close to a 100% response. Thanks again for your efforts. I plan to assemble this material into a report and on a DRI website by the time of the meeting in June.

3. A group from USGS Center for Coastal Geology, St. Petersburg, FL collected a set of vibracores near the tentative site for SAX99 near Panama City during 18-20 March. Analysis of the cores is ongoing, and should give information on the occurrence of mud inclusions in the sediment. Peter Fleischer (NRL) participated in the cruise, and indicated that the top surface of the cores showed clean sand. Peter has also prepared a brief cruise report.

4. Kerry Commander reports that a group from CSS placed several targets at the tentative experiment site in March. The coordinates of the first target placed are 85 deg 48.24 min W, 30 deg 06.43 min N. By burying targets now there will be some time for sediment recovery before SAX99. SAS images of the seafloor taken in March also show a well defined ripple field with a wavelength of about half a meter (my estimate from image).

5. Mike Richardson has arranged for a preliminary examination of the tentative SAX99 site next week as part of a separate project headed by Steve Stanic. This will give a chance to examine changes in the sediment since the hurricanes of last summer. Kevin Briggs, Peter Fleischer, and Kevin Williams will also be present.

6. I mentioned in the 10 February Update that I would also be requesting an experimental plan from each investigator for SAX99. We are preparing an example and will include with a detailed request early next week to those affected. The requested due date will be 7 May.

7. Le Olson (AP lead mechanical engineer and APL lead diver for SAX99) is in communication with Seward Johnson and Pelican personnel regarding diver reciprocity arrangements for SAX99. It looks as if the University of Washington Diving Safety Program will be the ``Lead Diving Board'' to control diving activities from the Seward Johnson. (The Pelican arrangement is just being addressed.) Diver's will be getting forms from Le in due course.

8. The site survey will be from 7-20 July, with Kevin Briggs as POC. The following (supported by others from their organizations) have indicated they plan to participate: Briggs, Richardson, Johnson, Martens, Wheatcroft, Schock, Williams, and Thorsos. Please let Kevin Briggs or me know if you plan to participate and are not on the list.

9. Work on the Environmental Assessment for the projected sound levels at SAX99 continues. Though not complete, it does not appear to be a show stopper. The DRI website will be released after more material has been posted.