DRI Update: 10 Jan. 2001

1. The current name list for the DRI meeting next week at NRL-SSC is given below. If you plan to attend and are not on the list, notify either Mike Richardson or me ASAP.

2. The meeting will get under way at 0830 on Tuesday, 16 January at the Rouchen house at the Stennis Space Center. (Maps will be available at the south gate; the way is reportedly well marked by blue signs.)

3. At the beginning of the meeting Jeff will give brief remarks regarding DRI activity in the near future.

4. The main body of the meeting will follow the discussion session outline given in the previous DRI update (http://www.apl.washington.edu/hfsa- dri/index.html). If you are not attending and have material that you wish to contribute to the sessions, you are encouraged to sent it to Mike (preferably in electronic form: Mike.Richardson@nrlssc.navy.mil).

5. In addition to the topical discussion sessions previously described, a modest period of time (e.g., 40-60 min.) will be used on Wednesday afternoon to discuss possibilities for future measurements.

Current Meeting Name List:
Bennett, Richard
Bibee, Dale
Buckingham, Michael
Chaika, Ed
Chotiros, Nick
Curry, Conrad
Eckman, James
Estalote, Edward
Greenlaw, Charles
Holliday, Van
Jackson, Darrell
Jackson, Peter
Jumars, Peter
Kargl, Steve
Lavoie, Dawn
Lim, Ray
Lopes, Joe
Piper, John
Reed, Allen
Richardson, Mike
Schock, Steven
Simmen, Jeff
Simpson, Harry
Stephen, Ralph
Stoll, Bob
Tang, DJ
Thistle, David
Thorsos, Eric
Tipper, Ronald
Wheatcroft, Rob
Wilkens, Roy
Williams, Kevin