DRI Update: 1 July 2000

1. The fall Acoustic Society Meeting will be in Newport Beach, California, 3-8 December. There will be a special session titled "High- frequency sediment acoustics and associated sediment properties and processes." This session has been essentially designed to be a forum for reporting on SAX99 results, and all SAX99 participants are encouraged to submit abstracts. Keep in mind that papers on the "associated sediment properties and processes" need not have explicit acoustic components. The abstract due date is Friday, 28 July 2000.

2. A call for papers should appear in the July issue of the IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering for a special issue in October 2001 on high- frequency sediment acoustics and associated sediment properties and processes. Papers will be due 1 March 2001. You may view the call for papers on the DRI Web site: www.apl.washington.edu/hfsa-dri/IEEEcall.html

3. You may also view on the Web site (in the Workshops section) the group picture taken at the April workshop. Data from Kevin Briggs' core analysis is also posted.

4. I will be leaving for France later today, returning on July 22. I'm not sure how much e-mail access I will have during this period.

5. The next SAX99 workshop will most likely be sometime during the period from mid-October to mid-November at or near NRL-SSC, but details remain to be worked out.

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