DRI Update: 6 July 1999

1. The site survey cruise near Panama City will begin this Thursday and continue until 19 July. I will send out a brief summary afterwards.

2. The DRI Program Summary has now been revised to include three more project summaries. It will likely be sometime next week before the new version is posted on the DRI website (http://www.apl.washington.edu/hfsa-dri/index.html). We plan to included a pdf file version of the summary as well. If you prefer to receive a hard copy by regular mail, let me know by e-mail. (Please include mailing address. I will be at the site survey, but you should still get it.)

3. At the June workshop at NRL-SSC, the following questions were presented for investigators participating in SAX99: For your measurements, what information will be available on board immediately? on-board by the end of the experiment? within 30 days (for IEEE paper)? within 6 months (for ASA special session and separate IEEE special issue)? If you will be making measurements during SAX99, please consider these questions and send a response to me by the 6th of August. Thanks.

4. If you are interested in checking on the Gulf weather situation this summer and fall, the following may be useful:

The "Tropical Weather Outlook: Atlantic" at http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ gives an outlook on tropical storm formation and development. Conditions at a buoy 56 nm south of Panama City are given at http:// www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.phtml?$station=42039.