DRI Update: 12 October 1999

Summary of Pelican Leg 4 activity, Oct. 9-11:

1. Began transit to Fort Walton Beach (FWB) area at 2300 on Oct. 9. By morning wave heights were 3-4 ft, but moderating rapidly, and in general the sea conditions were excellent for this leg.

2. Activity began with a dive (Wheatcroft, Cheseby, Schmidt, Self) to check visibility after the high waves of the preceding days. Visibility was found to be acceptable, and the ripple field on the bottom now appeared freshly made (heights about 10 cm and wavelengths about 40-45 cm).

3. During Oct. 10-11 all four moorings for the Seward Johnson were deployed. The positions of the clump weights are acceptable, but more work needs to be done to ensure all four anchors are properly set. This will be done at the beginning of Leg 5 on Oct. 13. After positioning is complete, final coordinates of all four mooring buoys will be given.

4. On Oct. 10 the Wheatcroft tripod was deployed. Rob Wheatcroft and Maziet Cheseby dove on the tripod site to move the tripod away from the drop point. They reported everything looks very good. In a separate dive (Olson, Boget) the buried sphere was located and a marker buoy placed. The high seas following deployment had erased all evidence of disturbed sediment due to burial; a ripple crest passed right over the center of the sphere.

5. On Oct. 11 the TRACOR tower was deployed in the morning, and its signal cable was laid out and buoyed off close to where the Seward Johnson will moor. This procedure was then repeated for the three TRACOR TAPS units. Two of the TAPS units (TAPS-X and TAPS-Z) are tethered and are downward looking; these units need to be positioned to proper depth by divers following deployment. TAPS-X was positioned first and did not reach the desired distance (6 m) from the bottom (presently, it is at 7.5 m). Building on this experience, TAP-Z was positioned to the proper depth. The third unit (TAPS-J) is bottom mounted and upward looking.

6. After these deployments, DGPS positions were obtained at each of the marker buoys using a zodiac and hand-held DGPS equipment.

30 deg 22.760 min
86 deg 38.832 min
XBAMS marker buoy
30 deg 22.784 min
86 deg 38.867 min
30 deg 22.759 min
86 deg 38.765 min
30 deg 22.762 min
86 deg 38.792 min
30 deg 22.829 min
86 deg 38.841 min
Wheatcroft Tripod
30 deg 22.664 min
86 deg 38.794 min
BAMS marker buoy
30 deg 22.663 min
86 deg 38.802 min
Sphere marker buoy
30 deg 22.660 min
86 deg 38.784 min
TRACOR tower
30 deg 22.642 min
86 deg 38.770 min
TRACOR signal line buoy
30 deg 22.724 min
86 deg 38.909 min

In addition to these buoys, the site also has four large, lighted buoys for the Seward Johnson 4-pt moor. As mentioned above, the mooring buoy positions are not final and will be sent later.

Remaining SAX99 Schedule as of Oct. 12 1999

Pelican Leg 5, Oct. 12-17

Personnel at beginning of Leg 5:

NRL: Kevin Briggs, Mike Richardson, Ricky Ray, Dan Lott, Dale Bibee
APL: Eric Boget, Paul Aguilar
UW: Jill Schmidt, Liko Self
UM: Pete Jumars
OSU: Rob Wheatcroft, Maziet Cheseby

Total: 12 (max is 13)

Oct. 12:

Load rad van and equipment for NRL, Buckingham, Jumars/Schmidt/ Self.
Begin transit to FWB late afternoon at earliest (time to be set by Briggs).

Oct. 13:

AM: Remaining work on setting Seward Johnson anchors.
Dive to TAPS-X to adjust height above bottom (Boget, Aguilar, Self).
Shuttle Boget, Aguilar to shore.
Start Jumars/Schmidt/Self and NRL/APL BAMS manipulations.
Begin NRL coring.

Oct. 13-16: Bibee low frequency, gas content; supported by NRL diving.

Oct. 13-24: Wheatcroft, Cheseby (joined by Cara Fritz on Oct. 15)--IRP and coring ops.

Oct. 14: Seward Johnson arrives at FWB.

AM: Shuttle David Thistle (FSU) and Keith Suderman (FSU) to Pelican.
Richardson, Ray, Lott from Pelican to Seward Johnson.

Late AM: Shuttle Mike Buckingham (SIO), Thomas Berger (SIO), Fernando Simonet (SIO) to Pelican.

PM: Shuttle Thistle, Suderman to shore.
Schmidt from Pelican to Seward Johnson.

Personnel at 1800 on Oct. 14:

Briggs, Jumars, Self, Wheatcroft, Cheseby, Bibee, Buckingham, Berger, Simonet (total 9).

Oct. 15:

AM: Shuttle Thistle, Suderman, Cara Fritz (OSU), Conrad Kennedy (NRL) to Pelican (total 10 on board that night). Deploy Buckingham ambient noise array.

PM: Shuttle Thistle, Suderman, Kennedy to shore.

Oct. 16:

AM: Shuttle Buckingham to shore (total 9). Shuttle Thistle, Suderman to Pelican.

PM: Shuttle Berger, Thistle, Suderman to shore. Briggs, Simonet from Pelican to Seward Johnson.

Personnel at 1800 on Oct. 16: Jumars, Self, Wheatcroft, Cheseby, Fritz, Bibee (total 6).

Oct. 17: Transit to CSS.

Pelican Leg 6, Oct. 17-22:


NRL: Dawn Lavoie, Allan Reed
APL: DJ Tang, Mike Welch, Skip Kolve, John Elliott
UM: Jumars
UW: Self
OSU: Wheatcroft, Cheseby, Fritz (total 11)

Oct. 17:

Load Tang (APL) equipment (IMP), Lavoie/Reed (NRL) equipment.
Transit to FWB.

Oct. 17-21: IMP deployments (IMP transferred to Seward Johnson via deployment and recovery).

Oct. 17-21: Lavoie,Reed: permeability measurements.



Oct. 20: (AM) Shuttle Kolve to shore.

Oct. 21: Lavoie, Reed, Tang, Welch, Elliott from Pelican to Seward Johnson. Briggs from Seward Johnson to Pelican.

Oct. 22: Transit to CSS.

Pelican Leg 7, Oct. 22-25:


NRL: Briggs
UM: Jumars
UW: Schmidt, Self
OSU: Wheatcroft, Cheseby, Fritz
CSS: Joe Lopes, Ed Kloess, Iris Paustian, John Stroud (total 10)

Oct. 22: Load Lopes (CSS) tower. Transit to FWB.

Oct. 23:

AM: Shuttle Tim Orsi (PSI), Dick Bennett (Seaprobe), Jana Avant, Maritza Abril to Pelican. Deploy Lopes tower. Turn around Wheatcroft tripod.

Oct. 24: (PM) Shuttle Orsi to shore.

Oct. 24: Lopes, Kloess, Paustian, Stroud from Pelican to Seward Johnson.

Oct. 25: Transit to CSS. Off load rad van.

Pelican Leg 8, Oct. 25-29:


NRL: Briggs
UM: Jumars

UW: Self, Paul Johnson, Mike Hutnak

Oct. 25: Load Johnson equipment. Transit to FWB.

Oct. 26-28: Johnson tripod deployments.

Oct. 26(PM): Shuttle Bennett to shore. Shuttle Jehrome Stockstill (Seaprobe) to Pelican.

Oct. 28: Transfer personnel (Briggs, Jumars, Self) and equipment to Seward Johnson.

Oct. 28 (PM): Shuttle Stockstill to shore.

Oct. 29: Transit to CSS. Unload Johnson equipment. Reload rad van.



Oct. 10: Depart Harbor Branch.

Oct. 10-13: Transit to CSS.

Oct. 13 (early morning):

Arrive CSS. Begin loading for NRL, APL (including Dahl), ARL, Jaffe, Lopes-electronics.

Oct. 13 (late): Complete loading, begin transit to FWB.


APL: Thorsos, Williams, Jackson, Olson, Boget, Russ Light, Vern Miller, Mike Kenney, Paul Aguilar, Brian Strully
ARL: Nick Chotiros, James Piper, David Gage
NRL: Sean Griffin, John Bradley
Total: 15

Oct. 14:

AM: Shuttle Tom Lehman (APL), Mike Ohmart (APL) to Seward Johnson (total 17).
Richardson, Ray, Lott to Seward Johnson from Pelican (total 20).
ISSAMS at low frequency site, Lopes site, and east of BAMS/XBAMS site using positioning.
Deploy wave buoy.

PM: Schmidt to Seward Johnson from Pelican (total 21).

Oct. 15:

AM: Shuttle Van Holliday, Charles Greenlaw, Bret McCurley (ARL) to Seward Johnson (total 24). Go into 4-pt moor; moorings deployed earlier by Pelican ISSAMS at APL and ARL sites. Bring TRACOR lines on board; test Test ARL ROV.

Oct. 16:

Continue TRACOR and ARL tests. Deploy APL frame, batteries, ....

PM: Shuttle Holliday, Greenlaw, Kenney to shore. Briggs, Simonet to Seward Johnson from Pelican (total 23).

Oct. 17

AM: Shuttle David Smith (ARL) to Seward Johnson.
PM: Shuttle Gage to shore (total 23).

Oct. 17-18: Begin ARL ROV and buried array ops. Continue APL deployment.


Oct. 18:

(AM): Shuttle Jules Jaffe (SIO) and Karl Moore (SIO) to Seward Johnson.
(PM): Shuttle Griffin, Bradley, McCurley to shore (total 22).

Oct. 18: Begin APL penetration ops.

Oct. 18-19: Jaffe deployment (laser line scanner).


Oct 19 (PM): Shuttle Strully to shore (total 21)

Oct. 20; (AM): Shuttle Jaffe and Simonet to shore (total 19).

Oct. 21:

(AM): Shuttle Rob McDowell (NRL), Thistle, Suderman to Seward Johnson.
Lavoie, Reed, Tang, Welch to Seward Johnson from Pelican.
Briggs to Pelican from Seward Johnson (total 26).

Oct. 21-23: Lavoie, Reed: permeability measurements.

Oct 23 (AM): Shuttle Roger Banks (ARL) to Seaward Johnson.

Oct. 23 (PM): Shuttle Lavoie, Reed, Thistle, Suderman, David Smith to shore (total 22).

Oct. 24 (PM): Shuttle McDowell to shore (total 21).

Oct. 24-25:

Lopes, Kloess, Paustian, Stroud to Seward Johnson from Pelican (total 25).
Lopes tower deployment: bring lines on board.

Oct. 25-29: CSS SAS measurements from CSS ship (Mr. Offshore).

Oct. 28: Take on Pelican researchers: Briggs, Jumars, Self (total 28).

Oct. 29
AM: Shuttle Eric Smith (ARL) to Seward Johnson.
PM: Shuttle Welch, Chotiros, Banks to shore (total 26).

Oct. 30 (AM): Shuttle Gage to Seward Johnson (total 27).

Nov. 5: Shuttle Lopes, Kloess, Paustian, Stroud to shore (total 23).

Nov. 9
AM: Shuttle Chotiros to Seward Johnson (total 24).
PM: Shuttle Eric Smith to shore (total 23).

Nov. 12
AM: Shuttle Wheatcroft, Cheseby to Seward Johnson (total 25).

Nov. 12-14: Recover equipment.

Nov. 14: Transit to CSS.

Nov. 15: Off load at CSS, begin transit to Harbor Branch.