DRI Update: 16 September 1999

1. Mike Richardson inspected the vibracores at USGS on Monday (13 Sept.) and confirmed the information on the sites supplied by Nancy DeWitt.

2. Based on the vibracore results, we can now set positions for the Seward Johnson anchor sites, as well as several other sites. In this region the beach line runs basically east-west, so it is convenient to set a square for the anchor points that has east-west and north-south sides.

Seward Johnson anchor sites (square approx 600 ft = 183 m on a side):

30 deg 22.62 min N, 86 deg 38.73 min W (SW corner)
30 deg 22.72 min N, 86 deg 38.73 min W (NW corner)
30 deg 22.72 min N, 86 deg 38.62 min W (NE corner)
30 deg 22.62 min N, 86 deg 38.62 min W (SE corner)

3. For the Simrad-3000 survey to be done during the last week in Sept. from the R/V Tommy Munro (led by Roger Flood) the following region should be covered (as a minimum):

The square formed by 30 deg 22.5-22.9 min N, 86 deg 38.5-38.9 min W

4. The main site for the low frequency measurements, including Bob Stoll's measurements, is just to the north (on the shore side) of the Seward Johnson anchor box.

Site for low frequency measurements: 30 deg 22.80 min N, 86 deg 38.70 min W.

5. The sites for the APL-UW BAMS and XBAMS towers are just to the west of the Seward Johnson anchor box:

BAMS: 30 deg 22.65 min N, 86 deg 38.84 min W
XBAMS: 30 deg 22.77 min N, 86 deg 38.84 min W

6. The CSS tower location (Lopes) will be to the south of the Seward Johnson anchor box. The APL-UW and ARL/UT penetration sites will be within the anchor box. Coordinates for these sites will be finalized after the early survey portion of SAX99 (see below).

7. Present plans for the initial phase of the R/V Pelican schedule are given below. The original plan called for the Pelican to be ready to load at CSS at 0800 on 3 Oct. However, Steve Rabalias of LUMCON will make the Pelican available to us as soon as possible following its previous cruise. Present plans would then make the Pelican ready to load at CSS at about 1400 on Oct 2nd, but it could be ready as early as 0800. Regardless of the precise time we begin, the goal will be to return to CSS dock by 1600 on Oct 6th.

During this initial leg, Tony Lyons from SACLANTCEN and Kevin Briggs will be working with Tony's digital stereophotography system.

Pelican (initial leg):

Personnel: Schock's group

APL: Thorsos, Jackson
NRL: Briggs, Richardson, Ray, Lott

2 Oct:

1400-1800: Unload rad van, load equipment (Schock, NRL)
1900: Begin transit to Fort Walton Beach (FWB)

3 Oct:

0100: Arrive FWB
0100-0700: Test chirp/side scan sonar; Drift camera
0700-0900: Pelican into 2-pt moor
0900-1500: Stereophoto; CTD; NRL ADP deployment
1500 begin chirp/side scan survey

4 Oct:

0700-0900: Pelican into 2-pt moor
0900-1200: Stereophoto
1200-1800: transit to CSS
1900-2300: load moorings on Pelican (for Seward Johnson)

5 Oct:

0000-0600: transit to FWB
0700-1300: deploy 4 mooring for Seward Johnson [Goal is to be back at CSS at 1600 on Oct 6th. If behind schedule, continue with tasks above. If on schedule, proceed as follows.]

1300- : Pelican into moor using moorings deployed for SJ. Test chirp sonar using bridle deployment. Begin chirp sonar measurements at instrument deployment sites if time allows.

6 Oct:

1000-1600 transit to CSS
1600- Unload Schock equipment for transfer to Seward Johnson, begin loading other equipment (rad van, Wheatcroft, Holliday, Jumars/Schmidt/Self, Dahl, Buckingham(?)).

8. Meanwhile, our plans are for the Seward Johnson to leave Harbor Branch on the morning of Oct. 4th.

Initial Seward Johnson schedule:

(Prior to 4 Oct load APL-UW equipment)

4 Oct:
0800: Begin transit to FWB

6 Oct:
Evening: Arrive FWB. Deploy APL-UW BAMS and XBAMS towers (to clear deck). Begin transit to CSS.

7 Oct:
0800: begin loading (NRL, Chotiros, Jaffe, Lopes-electronics). Depart for FWB later on 7th.

9. For the Pelican, there will be the following additional loadings/ unloadings at CSS:

17 Oct: load Lopes tower, Tang equipment.

22 Oct: load Johnson equipment.

26 Oct: unload Johnson equipment.

29 Oct: dock at CSS for final time, unload, depart

10. The Seward Johnson will off load at CSS on Nov 9th, and begin transit to Harbor Branch.

11. Details on getting to and into CSS and to the beach site in next Update.