DRI Update: 2 September 1999

1. The USGS group from St. Petersburg led by Nancy Dewitt carried out vibracore surveys last week at the Panama City Beach and Fort Walton Beach sites. Cores were taken at PCB on the 24th and 25th of August, and at FWB on the 26th-28th. Kevin Williams and Mike Richardson were present. Nancy is analyzing the cores this week and plans to provide most of the results by the end of the day on Friday with the rest on Monday (Labor Day notwithstanding). Mike also plans to visit USGS on 13 September to inspect the cores. Regarding the timetable for site selection, depending on the results it may be possible to make the selection on the basis of the results to be provided by early next week. Otherwise, we will await Mike's firsthand look on the 13th.

2. I intend to discuss shipping and experiment schedules with each PI individually. The following address should be used for shipping to Panama City.

Receiving Officer
Coastal Systems Station
6703 West HWY 98
Panama City, FL 32407-7001

Attn: Dr. Kerry Commander, R21 (SAX99 / PARTICIPANT'S NAME)