DRI Update: 22 September 1999

Tentative SAX99 schedules for the R/V Pelican and R/V Seward Johnson are given below. Only the first part of the Pelican schedule is given in detail. A more detailed version will be distributed next week. Please send comments or questions to me via e-mail; I will be on a trip through Friday, but will be checking e-mail and can return calls.


Pelican Leg 1, Oct. 2-4:


FAU: Steve Schock, Jim Wulf (possibly 1 or 2 more)
APL: Eric Thorsos, Darrell Jackson
NRL: Kevin Briggs, Mike Richardson, Ricky Ray, Dan Lott

Oct 2:

1400-1800: Unload rad van (level on dock), load equipment (Schock, NRL).
1900: Begin transit to Fort Walton Beach (FWB)

Oct 3:

0100: Arrive FWB.
0100-0700: Test chirp/side scan sonar; Drift camera.
0700-0900: Pelican into 2-pt moor
0900-1500: Stereophoto; CTD; NRL ADP deployment.
1500 Begin chirp/side scan survey.

Oct 4:

0700-0900: Pelican into 2-pt moor.
0900-1400: Stereophoto.
1400-2000: Transit to CSS.
2000-2200: Load BAMS and XBAMS towers

Pelican Leg 2, Oct. 5:


APL: Thorsos, Jackson, Kevin Williams, Le Olson, Eric Boget, Russ Light, Vern Miller
NRL: Briggs, Richardson, Ray, Lott

Oct 5:

0000-0600: transit to FWB.
0700-1000: Deploy BAMS and XBAMS towers.
1000-1200: Pelican into 2-pt moor.
1200-1500: Sphere burial.
1200-1800: Stereophoto.
1500: Shuttle Williams, Olson, Boget, Light, Miller to shore.
1800: Shuttle Briggs, Richardson, Ray, Lott, Lyons(?) to shore.
1900: Begin transit to CSS.

Pelican Leg 3, Oct. 6-8:


FAU Schock, Wulf (possibly 1 or 2 more)
APL: Thorsos, Jackson, Olson, Boget
OSU: Maziet Cheseby

Oct. 6:

0700-1100: Load 4 moorings for Seward Johnson Load Wheatcroft tripod.
1100-1700: Transit to FWB.
1700-2400: Mooring deployment.

Oct. 7:

0700: Shuttle Wheatcroft (plus NRL?) to Pelican.
0700-1100: Complete mooring deployment (if necessary).
1100-1500: Chirp sonar at Lopes site (bridle deployment).
1500-1600: Deploy Wheatcroft tripod.
1600-1700: Dive at tripod site.
1600-2400: Chirp sonar at APL and ARL penetration sites (bridle deployment).

Oct. 8:

0000-0600: Transit to CSS.
0700- : Unload Schock equipment

[Remainder in less detail at this point. Does not include diving work and most NRL activities.]

Pelican Leg 4, Oct. 8-17

Oct. 8: Load rad van and equipment for Holliday, Jumars/Schmidt/Self, NRL, Dahl, Buckingham. Transit to FWB

Oct. 9: Deploy TRACOR tower, wave buoy.

Oct. 10: Continue deployment, buoy off TRACOR lines at edge of Seward Johnson area.

Oct. 11: Start Jumars/Schmidt/Self, BAMS manipulations.

Oct. 11-14: Bibee low frequency, gas content.

Oct. 17: Transit to CSS.

Pelican Leg 5, Oct. 17-22

Oct. 17: Load Tang equipment (IMP). Transit to FWB.

Oct. 17-21 IMP deployments (IMP transferred to Seward Johnson via deployment and recovery).

Oct. 22: Transit to CSS.

[Note to Bennett: Wheatcroft IRP and coring ops planned for Oct. 18-28.]

Pelican Leg 6, Oct. 22-25

Oct. 22: Load Lopes (CSS) tower. Transit to FWB

Oct. 23: Deploy Lopes tower.

Oct. 25: Transit to CSS.

Pelican Leg 7, Oct. 25-29

Oct. 25: Load Johnson equipment. Transit to FWB.

Oct. 26-28: Johnson tripod deployments.

Oct. 28: Transfer personnel and equip to Seward Johnson.

Oct. 29: Transit to CSS. Unload Johnson equipment. Unload rad van, remove x-ray cabinet, reload rad van.

(Does not include diving and most NRL activity)

Oct. 9: Depart Harbor Branch.

Oct. 9-11: Transit to CSS.

Oct. 11 (evening): Arrive CSS, begin loading (NRL, APL, ARL, Jaffe, Lopes-electronics)

Oct 12: Complete loading, begin transit to FWB.

Oct 13: ISSAMS at low frequency site, Lopes site, and east of BAMS/XBAMS site using dynamic positioning.

Oct 14: Go into 4-pt moor; moorings deployed earlier by Pelican. ISSAMS at APL and ARL sites. Bring TRACOR lines on board; test. Test ARL ROV.

Oct 15: Continue TRACOR and ARL tests. Deploy APL frame, batteries, ...

Oct 16 -17: Begin ARL ROV and buried array ops. Continue APL deployment.

Oct 18: Jaffe deployment (laser line scanner).

Oct 24-25: Lopes tower deployment: bring lines on board.

Oct 28: Take on Pelican researchers.

Nov 12-14: Recover equipment.

Nov 14: Transit to CSS.

Nov 15: Off load at CSS, begin transit to Harbor Branch.