DRI Update: 30 September 1999

1. An updated schedule for SAX99 is included below. The schedule is restricted to important deployments and the movements of investigators. Please contribute corrections and additions.

2. The SAX99 site lies on the edge of a restricted area established by the nearby Eglin AFB. We have just been informed that on Oct. 18th a Patriot missile test is scheduled for that area. It may be necessary to move both the Pelican and the Seward Johnson on that morning.

3. A group of us from APL will be traveling to Panama City on Sept. 30th. We will have the following cell phones:

Eric Thorsos: (206) 890-3598
Kate Bader (at the Sandman Motel) : (206) 890-1096
Kevin Williams (206) 940-1015 (10/1-10/15) (206) 755-7391 (10/16-11/18)

E-mail can be sent to kate@apl.washington.edu

4. I will continue to send updates during SAX99.

SAX99 Schedule as of 30 Sept. 1999

Pelican Leg 1, Oct. 2-4:


FAU: Steve Schock, Jim Wulf, Paul Petrosky
APL: Eric Thorsos, Darrell Jackson
NRL: Kevin Briggs, Mike Richardson, Ricky Ray, Dan Lott, Don Walter, Conrad Kennedy

Oct 2:

0800- : Unload rad van (level on dock), load NRL equipment.
1400-1600: Load Schock equipment (expect to arrive about 1400).
1600: Begin transit to Fort Walton Beach (FWB).
2200: Arrive FWB. Begin tests of chirp/side scan sonar. Drift camera.

Oct 3:

0700-0900: Pelican into 2-pt moor.
0900-1500: Stereophoto; CTD; NRL ADP deployment.
1500: Begin chirp/side scan survey.

Oct 4:

0700-0900: Pelican into 2-pt moor.
0900-1400: Stereophoto.
1400-2000: Transit to CSS.
2000-2200: Load BAMS and XBAMS towers. Load sphere, coffer dam for sphere burial, hoses.

Pelican Leg 2, Oct. 5

Personnel at 0000 Oct. 5:

APL: Thorsos, Jackson, Kevin Williams, Le Olson, Eric Boget, Russ Light, Vern Miller
NRL: Briggs, Richardson, Ray, Lott

Oct 5:

0000-0600: transit to FWB.
0700-1000: Deploy BAMS and XBAMS towers.
1000-1200: Pelican into 2-pt moor.
1200-1500: Sphere burial.
1200-1800: Stereophoto.
1500: Shuttle Williams, Olson, Boget, Light, Miller to shore.
1800: Shuttle Briggs, Richardson, Ray, Lott, Lyons to shore at Destin Harbor.
1900: Begin transit to CSS.

Pelican Leg 3, Oct. 6-8:

Personnel at 0700 Oct. 6:

FAU: Schock, Wulf, Petrosky
APL: Thorsos, Jackson, Olson, Boget OSU: Maziet Cheseby

Oct. 6:

0700-1100: Load 4 moorings for Seward Johnson Load Wheatcroft tripod.
1100-1700: Transit to FWB.
1700-2400: Mooring deployment.

Oct. 7:

0700: Shuttle Wheatcroft to Pelican.
0700-1100: Complete mooring deployment (if necessary).
1100-1500: Chirp sonar at Lopes site (bridle deployment; 1-pt moor).
1500-1600: Deploy Wheatcroft tripod.
1600-1700: Dive at tripod site (Wheatcroft, Cheseby).
1600-2400: Chirp sonar at APL and ARL penetration sites (bridle deployment).

Oct. 8:

0000-0600: Transit to CSS.
0700- : Unload Schock equipment.

[Remainder in less detail. Does not show diving work explicitly.]

Pelican Leg 4, Oct. 8-17

Personnel at beginning of Leg 4:

APL: Thorsos, Jackson, Olson, Boget
UW: Jill Schmidt, Liko Self
UM: Pete Jumars
TRACOR: Charles Greenlaw, Duncan McGehee
NRL: Briggs, Richardson
Total: 11 (max is 13)

Oct. 8:

Load rad van and equipment for Holliday, Jumars/Schmidt/Self, NRL, Dahl, Buckingham.
[Note: Part of Dahl equipment will go on Pelican, part on Seward Johnson].
Transit to FWB.

Oct. 9:

(AM) Shuttle Van Holliday to Pelican (total 12).
Deploy TRACOR tower.

Oct. 10:

Continue deployment, buoy off TRACOR lines at edge of Seward Johnson area

(AM) Shuttle David Thistle and Keith Suderman to Pelican.
(PM) Shuttle Holliday, Greenlaw, McGehee, Thistle, Suderman to shore at Destin Harbor
Shuttle Dale Bibee to Pelican (total 10).

[The following assumes the Seward Johnson will arrive at CSS by the evening of the 11th.]

Oct. 11:

(AM) Shuttle Thorsos, Olson, Boget to shore.
Shuttle Ray, Lott, Thistle, Suderman to Pelican.

(Late AM) Shuttle Mike Buckingham, Thomas Berger, F. Simonet to Pelican (total 12 staying that night).
Start Jumars/Schmidt/Self and NRL/APL BAMS manipulations.

(PM) Shuttle Thistle, Suderman to shore.

Personnel at 1800 on Oct. 11: Briggs, Jackson, Jumars, Schmidt, Self, Richardson, Ray, Lott, Bibee, Buckingham, Berger, Simonet

Oct. 11-14: Bibee low frequency, gas content.

Oct. 12:

(AM): Shuttle Brian Strully, Thistle, Suderman to Pelican (total 13 staying that night).
Deploy wave buoy.

(PM): Shuttle Thistle, Suderman to shore.

Oct. 13:

(AM): Seward Johnson arrives at FWB.
Shuttle Thistle, Suderman, Wheatcroft, Cheseby to Pelican.
Jackson, Strully, Richardson, Ray, Lott from Pelican to Seward Johnson.

Personnel at 1800 on Oct. 13: Briggs, Jumars, Schmidt, Self, Bibee, Wheatcroft, Cheseby, Buckingham, Berger, Simonet Thistle, Suderman (total 12).

Oct. 14:

(AM): Shuttle Buckingham to shore.
Shuttle Cara Fritz to Pelican.

(PM): Shuttle Bibee to shore (total 11).

Oct. 14-24: Wheatcroft, Cheseby, Fritz--IRP and coring ops.

Oct. 16:

(PM): Shuttle Berger, Thistle, Suderman to shore.
Briggs, Simonet from Pelican to Seward Johnson.

Personnel at 1800 on Oct. 16: Jumars, Schmidt, Self, Wheatcroft, Cheseby, Fritz (total 6) .

Oct. 17: Transit to CSS Pelican.

Leg 5, Oct. 17-22:


NRL: Dawn Lavoie, Allan Reed
APL: DJ Tang, Mike Welch, Skip Kolve
UM: Jumars
UW: Schmidt, Self OSU: Wheatcroft, Cheseby, Fritz

Oct. 17:

Load Tang (APL) equipment (IMP), Lavoie/Reed (NRL) equipment.
Transit to FWB.

Oct. 17-21: IMP deployments (IMP transferred to Seward Johnson via deployment and recovery).

Oct. 17-21: Lavoie,Reed: permeability measurements.



Oct. 20: (AM) Shuttle Kolve to beach.

Oct. 21: Lavoie, Reed, Tang, Welch from Pelican to Seward Johnson Briggs from Seward Johnson to Pelican.

Oct. 22: Transit to CSS.

Pelican Leg 6, Oct. 22-25:


NRL: Briggs
UM: Jumars
UW: Schmidt, Self
OSU: Wheatcroft, Cheseby, Fritz
CSS: Joe Lopes, Ed Kloess

Oct. 22: Load Lopes (CSS) tower. Transit to FWB.

Oct. 23: (AM): Shuttle Orsi to Pelican. Deploy Lopes tower. Turn around Wheatcroft tripod.

Oct. 24: (PM): Shuttle Orsi to beach.

Oct. 24: Lopes and Kloess from Pelican to Seward Johnson.

Oct. 25: Transit to CSS. Off load rad van.

Pelican Leg 7, Oct. 25-29:


NRL: Briggs
UM: Schmidt, Self, Paul Johnson, Mike Hutnak Seaprobe: Jehrome Stockstill

Oct. 25: Load Johnson equipment. Transit to FWB.

Oct. 26-28: Johnson tripod deployments (Dick Bennett on board part of this time).

Oct. 28: Transfer personnel and equip to Seward Johnson.

Oct. 29: Transit to CSS. Unload Johnson equipment. Reload rad van.


Oct. 9: Depart Harbor Branch.

Oct. 9-11: Transit to CSS.

Oct. 11 (evening): Arrive CSS, begin loading for NRL, APL (including Dahl), ARL, Jaffe, Lopes-electronics.

Oct 12: Complete loading, begin transit to FWB.


APL: Thorsos, Williams, Olson, Boget, Light, Miller, Mike Kenney, Paul Aguilar
ARL: Nick Chotiros, James Piper, David Gage, Roger Banks (plus others?)
NRL: Sean Griffin, Jim (?) Total: 14

Oct. 13:

Jackson, Strully, Richardson, Ray, Lott to Seward Johnson from Pelican (total 19).
ISSAMS at low frequency site, Lopes site, and east of BAMS/ XBAMS site using dynamic positioning.

Oct. 14:

(AM) Shuttle Tom Lehman, Mike Ohmart to Seward Johnson.
(AM) Shuttle Holliday, Greenlaw, McGehee to Seward Johnson (total 24).
Go into 4-pt moor; moorings deployed earlier by Pelican.
ISSAMS at APL and ARL sites.
Bring TRACOR lines on board; test.

Oct. 15:

Continue TRACOR and ARL tests.
Deploy APL frame, batteries, ...

(PM) Shuttle Holliday, Greenlaw, McGehee, Kenney to shore (total 20).

Oct. 16: Briggs, Simonet to Seward Johnson from Pelican (total 22).

Oct. 16 -17: Begin ARL ROV and buried array ops. Continue APL deployment.


Oct. 18:

(AM): Shuttle Jules Jaffe and Karl Moore to Seward Johnson.
(PM): Shuttle Sean Griffin and Jim (?) to shore.

Oct. 18: Begin APL penetration ops.

Oct. 18-19: Jaffe deployment (laser line scanner).


Oct. 20 (AM): Shuttle Jaffe and Simonet to beach (total 20.).

Oct. 21

(AM): Shuttle Rob McDowell, Thistle, Suderman to Seward Johnson Lavoie, Reed to Seward Johnson from Pelican.
Briggs to Pelican from Seward Johnson.

Oct. 21-23: Lavoie,Reed: permeability measurements.

Oct. 23 (PM): Shuttle Lavoie, Reed, Thistle, Suderman to beach.

Oct. 24 (PM): Shuttle McDowell to beach.

Oct. 24-25:

Lopes and Kloess to Seward Johnson from Pelican (total 19).
Lopes tower deployment: bring lines on board.

Oct. 25-29: CSS SAS measurements from CSS ship.

Oct. 28: Take on Pelican researchers.

Nov. 12-14: Recover equipment.

Nov. 14: Transit to CSS.

Nov. 15: Off load at CSS, begin transit to Harbor Branch.