DRI Update: 9 September 1999

1. The vibracore results from USGS (Nancy DeWitt) for the Panama City Beach and Fort Walton Beach sites are in. For the regions sampled, the Fort Walton Beach site was found to have a substantially lower probability of having shell fragment layers in the top meter of sediment. In addition, during the site survey in July divers found the visibility better at this site and reported no evidence of mud inclusions. Based on these findings, the Fort Walton Beach site has been selected as the site for SAX99. The site is not quite as convenient logistically as the Panama City Beach site, nor it is as convenient for CSS participation. However, the sediment differences appear sufficiently compelling to warrant the change to Fort Walton Beach. As given in the 28 July Update, the Fort Walton Beach site is near 30 deg 22.8 min N and 86 deg 38.7 min W. After Mike Richardson inspects the vibracores on 13 September, a tentative set of coordinates for the R/V Seward Johnson mooring anchors will be selected and distributed.

2. The CSS facilities will still be used for loading and unloading the R/V Pelican and, for some equipment, the R/V Seward Johnson.

3. Facilities at Sandman Motel Suites, 480 Santa Rosa Blvd., West Destin FL 32548 will be used to maintain a beach site that will be available to SAX99 participants. Rooms will be available (without cost, space permitting) and can be used as a layover in transiting to and from the ships. Further details on getting to and staying at these facilities will be forthcoming.