Andy Stewart

Assistant Director, Defense and Industry Programs and Associate Director, NNMREC

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Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Trina Litchendorf

Oceanographer IV

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Propagating Undersea Vehicle Expertise

Mentoring Student Engineers

2015–2016 International Submarine Races Team

Competition in Gosport, UK
2015–2016 UW HPS Team

The team did fantastic this year. We’re really happy with how we did. We came in third place overall out of the 11 teams that showed up at the competition.

The primary learning experience for the group is really team building and the value of having an organized team that works well together and can overcome challenges as they arise.

International Submarine Races

The UW's entry in the first ISR competition in 1989 was built at APL-UW and the team was comprised of Laboratory scientists and engineers, and UW students. Since then, the team has been an active club in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

For 2015–2016, Principal Engineer Andy Stewart is serving as the team's faculty advisor, so many of the design and build activities have returned to APL-UW facilities. Stewart and team captain Bentley Altizer, a senior ME student, note the benefit of students working side-by-side with APL-UW professionals solving ocean engineering problems as part of their daily work. "The biggest thing I've learned is to keep it simple," says Altizer.

1989 human power submarine at APL-UW and at the race in West Palm Beach, FL

ROV Team Design + Build

The ROV team got me an internship this summer. It’s taught me a lot of hands-on stuff that I just don’t think you get in school.

Our goal is to do research. Our goal is to create something that’s helpful not only for ourselves and our own missions, but for the university as a whole… it’s awesome just how into it people get. There’s something magical about mixing water and electronics — making a robot that goes in the water.

UW ROV in the News

Marine Advanced Technology Education