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   September 2006 – June 2011  

The Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Predication (CMOP) has purchased from Hydroid, LLC two Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) for its studies. The REMUS (Remote Environmental Measuring Units) 100 is a compact, light-weight, AUV designed for operation in coastal environments up to 100 meters in depth.

The AUVs will be deployed by a newly formed APL-UW AUV group as part of CMOP's experimental observation network which consists of multiple fixed and mobile platforms equipped with oceanographic sensors. The AUV's will be used, primarily, to study the Columbia River plume and estuary region and will be deployed periodically throughout each operational year.

We also plan to allow customization of the AUVs by integrating novel biogeochemical sensors to meet specific scientific objectives for the CMOP program.

The Hydroid LLC (MA, USA) Remus 100 autonomous underwater vehicle.