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   William J. Plant  
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This project has four parts:
  1. Measure phase-resolved waves around a ship.
  2. Predict the evolution of these waves a few minutes into the future.
  3. Determine the ship response to the waves and the optimum path through the waves.
  4. Automatically guide the ship through the wave field.
APL-UW is pursuing the first of these four objectives.

We have been able to demonstrate wave height retrievals from both cross sections and Doppler shifts, but only along a line. The wave heights retrieved by the two methods agree fairly well with each other and both indicate that retrieving wave heights in directions parallel to wave crests will be problematic. Nevertheless, this year we will produce maps of wave height around the ship to the best of our ability using cross sections and Doppler shifts. We will then work with the modelers to utilize these maps in the models.

A comparison of the wave field looking upwind and downwind obtained from our shipboard radar CORAR using cross section modulation and Doppler frequency modulation.