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   Russ Light  
      Principal Engineer  
      Ocean Engineering Dept.  
      Applied Physics Laboratory  
      University of Washington  

   Craig Lee  
      Senior Oceanographer  
      Ocean Physics Dept.  
      Applied Physics Laboratory  
      University of Washington  

   Marc Stewart  
      Senior Physicist  
      Electronic and Information Systems Dept.  
      Applied Physics Laboratory  
      University of Washington  

   Office of Naval Research  
      Tom Curtin  
      Tom Swean  

  • Physical, chemical, and biological oceanography
  • Tactical oceanography
  • Maritime reconnaissance
  • Communication gateway
  • Navigation aid
  • Survey: transits a sequence of waypoint targets
  • Virtual mooring: profiles at target location
  • Loiter and drift: maintains neutral buoyancy at any depth
  • Loiter on bottom: maintains negative buoyancy
  • Surface: positions antenna mast for GPS/RF data telemetry
  • First to complete >3800 km mission
  • First to complete >7 month mission
  • First to conduct multi-glider mission

The Applied Physics Laboratory has led AUV design and development since the 1950s, and now SEAGLIDER heralds a revolution in AUV oceanographic applications. With satellite data telemetry SEAGLIDER delivers continuous, real-time data relay and rational control capabilities over large geographic areas and long time scales.


Fritz Stahr
Seaglider Fabrication Center
University of Washington
Box 355351
Seattle, WA 98195