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Environmental Sample Processor on the Northwest Enhanced Moored Observatory

Ocean Observatories Initiative VISIONS '16 + '17

Wave Breaking at River Plumes

Remote Sensing in the Nearshore Zone for Improved Homeland Security

Acoustic and Environmental Measurements from Underwater Detonation Training Events

Wave Energy Buoy that Self-Deploys

Submesoscale Mixed-layer Eddies Experiment

Waves, Langmuir Cells, and the Upper Ocean Boundary Layer

Inner Shelf Dynamics

Sensing and Simulating Spatial Snow and Streamflow in the Sierra

Sea State and Boundary Layer Physics of the Emerging Arctic Ocean

Canada Basin Acoustic Glider Experiment — CABAGE

Assessing the Impact of Small, Canadian Arctic River Flows — SCARFs — to the Freshwater Budget of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Wolverine Glacier Icefield-to-Oceans Experiment — Assessing Glacier Change and Downstream Impacts

Ice Exercise 2016 — Ice Camp Sargo

Polar Bear Population Assessment

Stratified Ocean Dynamics of the Arctic

North Atlantic Aerosols and Marine Ecosystems Study — NAAMES

SWIFT and EM-APEX Floats to Characterize the Surface and Upper Ocean

Impact of Breaker Type on Wave Dissipation on a Natural Beach

Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbon in the Environment

Lagrangian Submesoscale Experiment — LASER

Seabed Characterization Experiment

CLUTTEREX — Munitions Acoustics in Presence of Clutter

Salinity Processes in the Upper Ocean Regional Studies 2

Lady Amber Profiling System

Pathways of Circumpolar Deep Water to West Antarctica

Air–Sea Interactions in the Northern Indian Ocean

Storm-Forced Near-Inertial Waves and Mixing

Northern Arabian Sea Circulation — Autonomous Research

Eddies and Kuroshio Dynamics Near Taiwan

KOREX — Mid-frequency Acoustics Transmission + Reverberation

Acoustics Air-Sea Interaction & Remote Sensing Center for Environmental & Information Systems Center for Industrial & Medical Ultrasound Electronic & Photonic Systems Ocean Engineering Ocean Physics Polar Science Center