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Haptic Virtual Fixture Tools

Patent Number: 10,226,869

Howard Chizeck, Andy Stewart, Fredrik Ryden

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12 Mar 2019

Apparatus and methods for defining and utilizing virtual fixtures for haptic navigation within real-world environments, including underwater environments, are provided. A computing device can determine a real-world object within a real-world environment. The computing device can receive an indication of the real-world object. The computing device can determine a virtual fixture that corresponds to the real-world object based on the indication, where aspects of the virtual fixture are configured to align with aspects of the real-world object. The computing device can provide a virtual environment for manipulating the robotic tool to operate on the real-world object utilizing the virtual fixture. The virtual fixture is configured to provide haptic feedback based on a position of a virtual robotic tool in the virtual environment that corresponds to the robotic tool in the real-world environment.

Methods and Systems for Six-degree-of-freedom Haptic Interaction with Streaming Point Data

Patent Number: 9,753,542

Howard Chizeck, Fredrik Ryden, Andy Stewart

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5 Sep 2017

Methods, articles of manufacture, and devices related to generating six degree of freedom (DOF) haptic feedback are provided. A computing device can receive first depth data about an environment. The computing device can generate a first plurality of points from the first depth data. The computing device can determine a virtual tool, where the virtual tool is specified in terms of a translation component for the virtual tool and a rotation component for the virtual tool. The computing device can determine a first force vector between the virtual tool and the first plurality of points. The computing device can send a first indication of haptic feedback based on the first force vector.

Virtual Haptic Fixture Tools

Record of Invention Number: 46853

Howard Chizeck, Kevin Huang, Fredrick Ryden, Andy Stewart


21 Feb 2014

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