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   Electronic Systems Dept.  
      James Luby  
      Principal Engineer  
      Matt Carpenter  
      Engineer IV  

   Environmental & Information Systems Dept.  
      Pete Brodsky  
      Software Engineer  
      Sachko Honda  
      Software Engineer  
      Robert Carr  
      Sofware Engineer  
      Beth Kirby  
      Sofware Engineer  

   Ocean Engineering Dept.  
      Russ Light  
      Principal Engineer  
      Tim Wen  
      Senior Engineer  
      Mike Welch  
      Senior Engineer  
      Pete Sabin  
      Senior Field Engineer  
      Keith Magness  
      Field Engineer  

   APL-UW Machine Shop  

   Office of Naval Research  
      Thomas Swean, Program Manager  

   Marine Physical Laboratory  
      Scripps Institution of Oceanography  

The XRay glider is a newly designed, high-performance undersea robotic vehicle developed in partnership with the Marine Physical Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The XRay glider employs a high lift-to-drag ratio wing design allowing it to travel long distances efficiently, to travel at higher speeds than existing oceanographic profling gliders (e.g., Seaglider, Slocum and Spray), and to carry tactically relevant sensors. These attributes make XRay suitable for surveillance and other remote sensing applications of interest to the U.S. Navy. In July–September 2006, the XRay glider participated in its first at-sea test experiments in Monterey Bay.

Principal Engineer Jim Luby briefs the media after the experiments in Monterey Bay. Read the coverage of the tests from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

Pete Brodsky performs software diagnostics during at-sea testing.

View a movie clip of ship deck to sea deployment system for the XRay glider. (13 sec)