Ralph Foster


Jochen Horstmann

Helmholtz Center, Geesthacht

SOMaR-3 — 14–16 July 2015, Seattle

Third Workshop on Sensing the Ocean with Marine Radars


In 2011, the first workshop on Sensing the Ocean with Marine Radar (SOMaR-1) concentrated on the scientific aspects of marine radar ocean applications and provided a forum for researchers to present and discuss their results, swap data and algorithms, and identify priorities for future research. SOMaR-2, and now the third international workshop, continue this series of interactive meetings for researchers in the field.

It is planned to have a series of presentations on different ideas and approaches with regards to sensing the ocean with marine radar and to provide lengthy periods for discussion of various approaches and their issues. So if you want to give a presentation on your marine radar approach, please leave out the introduction and background material and go straight to the description of your approach, what you see as the issues, and the data that you have been using. Presentations will be very informal, with multiple questions/discussion during the talk, so feel free to show unpolished, data-only viewgraphs.

The foremost goal of the workshop is to allow participants to understand the state-of-the-art in marine radar development, and to see if the community can reach a consensus regarding possible approaches, issues, and validation.

Session Topics

Registration + Abstract Submission

Previous SOMaR Workshops

  • Waves
  • Wind
  • Currents
  • Bathymetry
  • Radar Scattering
  • Future Experiments

If you wish to attend and participate in the workshop, please email Foster or Horstmann. To be included on the program, email an abstract to Foster or Horstmann by 26 June 2015.

Workshop Participants

Ron Abileah


Don Atwood

Michigan Tech Research Institute

Paul Bell

National Oceanography Centre

Jon Carter

Atlas Elektronik UK, Ltd.

Patricio Catalán

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile

Tony de Paolo

University of California, San Diego

Guillermo Diaz

CICESE, Ensenada, Mexico

Pete Dovey

Atlas Elektronik UK, Ltd.

Gordon Farquharson


Ralph Foster


Erin Hackett

Coastal Carolina University

Merrick Haller

Oregon State University

Katrin Hessner


David Honegger

Oregon State University

Jochen Horstmann

Helmholtz Center, Geesthacht

Weimin Huang

Memorial University, St. John's, NL

Andrew Kammerer

Coastal Carolina University

John Kusters

Applied Physical Sciences, San Diego

Atle Lohrmann


Bjorn Lund

RSMAS, University of Miami

David Lyzenga

University of Michigan

David McCann

National Oceanography Centre

Christa McKelvey

Ohio State University

Javier Perez


Bill Plant


Desmond Smith

Rutter Inc., St. Johns, NL

Ralph Smith

Arete Associates

Michael Stresser

Helmholtz Center, Geesthacht

Dennis Trizna

Imaging Science Research, VA

Chris Wackerman

MDA Information Systems